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A Soaring Letter regarding the Financial Crisis

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The Alert received this letter and photo from Mr. Embertson on October 12. Note that Elberta does not in fact own all of the beach area in question, and so far the Village Council has not proposed to voluntarily sell any beach access to satisfy the Treasury Department.

Dear Alert and Elberta Village Council:

I am a hang glider pilot of 38 years, former president of the Green Point Flyers Association, landowner at Green Point, and have been flying with my hang glider and paraglider friends and group/club members on the Elberta ridge since 1979.  As pilots we see the Elberta area from a very special perspective, and all of us have enjoyed recreation in a myriad of other ways in the Elberta area for as many years.  We are exceptionally grateful that the village of Elberta has allowed us wonderful and easy access to the resources of the village, the land on the ridge, the woods, the beaches, the piers, and the water – all owned by the village and the public for so many years.  Thank you so much for the extraordinary beauty and natural resources that are available to all of us!  We have landed our gliders at Elberta beach for 35 years and love the place!  Some of us remember the days of our partnership with the village of Elberta and City of Frankfort during the Annual Soaring Festivals of the late 70’s.

When we land there, or recreate there, we have so many great conversations with tourists, beach goers, and visitors from out of town and out of state.  We share our love of the area with people we meet, and I want to believe that we (and those conversations) are part of the reason that people return to visit Elberta and all that it offers.

More personally, my family – my wife and four children (ages 19, 19, 17, and 14) have been blessed to have the Elberta area and Lake Michigan environment to enjoy as a family.  We have been enjoying swimming, kayaking, kite boarding, rock hounding, playing, and lounging on the spectacular beach and dune areas that Elberta has managed.  We are so grateful to your village for allowing us to enjoy these things for so many years!  We have hundreds of family memories, family videos, family pictures that have captured the days, moments, sunsets, and family togetherness that has made our family closer and stronger. My children have grown up at those places in Elberta I mentioned above. Elberta and all that is beautiful about Elberta is a part of my children’s lives. For 19 years, they have returned to Elberta with us parents every spring, summer, fall, and even in winters. We were together at Elberta and Green Point this Labor Day 2013 weekend!


Now we hear that your village is facing challenges, and considering selling properties and land, possibly and dramatically changing access to the places we love to come?

PLEASE do not do that!  Problem solve this!  Creatively find alternatives! Plan for long term impact not short term gain. Please do not take away from so many thousands, the natural beauty and places we all love dearly.


Dave (and Linda) Embertson, Isaac, Elizabeth, Joshua, and Timothy

Lake City, MI 


The Embertson Family

The Embertson Family