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Council Meeting August 2017

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Herewith, audio from the August 17, 2017 Regular Council Meeting.

Letter from Holly O’Dwyer

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In reference to the letter from Kristine Mills I posted on August 25, Village board of trustees president pro tempore Holly O’Dwyer asked that I publish this email she sent to Mills August 21, which O’Dwyer says she didn’t get a response to.—Emily Votruba



Letter from Kristine Mills to Village Council

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Kristine Mills asked me to publish this letter after she received what she feels was an incomplete response to her FOIA request for documents and information related to her contract position as rentals coordinator for the Life Saving Station and other Village venues. —Emily Votruba

Council Meeting July 2017

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Herewith, audio from the July 20, 2017 Regular Council Meeting.

Council Meeting June 2017

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Herewith, audio from the June 15, 2017 Regular Council Meeting.

Council Meeting May 2017

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Herewith, audio from the May 18, 2017 Regular Council Meeting.

Coyote Crossing: November Council Meeting Reports

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By Emily Votruba

Regular Meeting, November 17, 2016

On the way to the regular council meeting, Linda Manville saw a coyote cross the road in front of her. The meeting was held at the Life Saving Station for the first time ever as far as anyone could remember. The room didn’t have a flag, so allegiance was pledged to an image of Old Glory brought up on someone’s phone.

A long pause was heard before the “second” on the approval of bills motion. Joyce Gatrell asked Ken Holmes if he had his hearing aid on. “Hah?” Ken said. Everyone laughed. Holly O’Dwyer said, “Ken hears better than most.”

The next quarterly meeting between Village officials and the Michigan Department of Treasury to check on the Village’s deficit elimination progress will take place Read the rest of this entry »

Sign Sale Today: So Far Successful

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UPDATE:  Here’s an updated list of the remaining sign inventory. Call or visit the Village Office during regular office hours or schedule an appointment.

It’s 11 am and there’s been good turnout for the antique street sign sale at the Village Office. Each corner array costs $50, with some single signs available for $20, including the misspelled “Geo McMannis”. The tally of monies raised is at about $730, with more than half the signs still available. Here we see Andy Bolander, local historian, with one of the biggest prizes: The Furnace Furnace Furnace Bye sign, surely unique in the world. From left, volunteers Linda Manville (who spearheaded the project), Sue Oseland (next to Andy), and Rosemary Tanner. Not pictured are other volunteers Cathy Anderson (showing a customer signs in the garage) and Mary Kalbach (outside frame). The sale continues today until 3 pm. Come on down!—Emily Votruba


Get It in Writing: Council Approves Additional Compensation for Clerk

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Photomontage by Jason Soderquist

By Emily Votruba

What follows is a (mostly) direct transcript of the special council meeting that took place on Saturday, October 1, at 1 pm.

Background: In a September 6 letter to council (obtained by me from the clerk by FOIA request), our clerk, Catherine Anderson, asked for salaried compensation for the nonclerk duties she has been performing for the past two years. I encourage Village residents to read her letter and understand the monumental work this one individual has done to bring our Village out of its age of darkness. Read the rest of this entry »

And a-One and a-Two: Village Weighs Proceeding with Restroom Project with Partial Grant Funding

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By Emily Votruba, Parks & Rec Secretary

At the February Parks and Rec meeting this year, Elberta Farmers’ Market master Sue Oseland presented a proposal to apply for a $70K USDA grant for permanent, piped restroom facilities at the Penfold/Farmers’ Market park. The restroom would be 10×20 with two separate ADA-compliant family restrooms. The facility would be locked at night and would shut down completely from late October to beginning of May.

For many years now the Market and Penfold Park have been served by two porta-potties. The Parks and Rec Commission and the Village Council agreed that permanent facilities would better serve Farmers Market patrons and vendors during the season as well as people who use the Betsie Valley Trail, which has an important junction there at M-22. The Parks & Rec Commission voted to support Sue’s application and voted to kick in another $5K for a drinking fountain if the grant was received.

The Village received word June 3 that the USDA had accepted the proposal but due to their own budget constraints are prepared to award only $50K of the original $70K requested. Before making their offer official, USDA needs to know whether the Village would still proceed with the project with this partial funding. The deadline to let them know is June 10.

Parks & Rec and the Village Council will hold a special joint meeting June 9 at 6:30 in the Community Building to decide if they can commit to do the project with the lesser funding amount and/or commit Village funds to the project. The Village is still in a deficit situation, despite progress in shaving it down; six years after the Village was placed on watch by the state for fiscal stress, our revised Deficit Elimination Plan has still not yet been accepted by the Treasury Department. Avoiding cost overruns is certainly top of mind for everyone.

P&R and Council hope the community will come out for this very important discussion. Can we complete this project for $50K? And/or can we count on additional support from the community to bring us up to the projected $70K? The Parks & Rec Commission feels that a safe, up-to-date, attractive facility would be a huge asset to the market, the park, the trail, and our human community here in the Village. Please come and tell the Village leadership what you think. Ψ