Salted with Sharks

Elberta Postcard Project

In 2114, what images from now will we be glad someone captured?

The Elberta Postcard Project is seeking photographs for a series of cards to document current events, personalities, and cultural moments in and around Elberta. Eligible cards depict echt Elberta scenes or people, or are taken by Elberta residents. Send your image or inquiry to If your image is chosen, Alert Media will fund an issue of cards. Proceeds after production costs are distributed thus: 50% to the photographer, and 50% to the Elberta Parks & Recreation Commission. The first edition, of seven images taken by Robert Bruce Bushway, appeared in June 2014.

Postcards are $1.50 each, or 10 for $10.

Your purchase of these iconic scenes supports great local photographers and Elberta Parks & Rec!

Purchase sets of cards online below. To order by phone (credit cards accepted!), call Emily at 231-399-0098.

Order a pack of 10, 20, or 30 postcards. Choose from the images below (specify by card no. in the “add special instructions to this seller” box on PayPal). 

$10 per pack, plus $2.00 shipping and handling for up to 30 cards. 

      10 cards  Buy Now Button

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Elberta Postcard Winter 13 14 Janet Buck and Jumper thumbnail

Janet La Rue Buck and the Elberta Jumper


No. 1  “Elberta Jumper” • Robert Bruce Bushway






Elberta Postcard Spring 14 Honey Moon thumbnail

3. Honey Moon 2014


No. 2  “Honey Moon” • Robert Bruce Bushway





Pt. Betsie Ice Caves, February 2014

Pt. Betsie Ice Caves, February 2014



No. 3 “Pt. Betsie Ice Caves”• Robert Bruce Bushway





Elberta Postcard Solstice Fireworks thumbnail

4. Solstice Fireworks


No. 4 “Solstice Fireworks” • Robert Bruce Bushway





Elberta Postcard Winter 13 14 East Apron thumbnail

5. Car Ferry East Apron



No. 5 “East Apron” • Robert Bruce Bushway




Elberta Postcard Summer 13 Beach Boardwalk thumbnail

6. Beach Boardwalk



No. 6 “Beach Boardwalk” • Robert Bruce Bushway




7. Elberta Trestle Dive



No. 7 “Trestle Dive” • Robert Bruce Bushway

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