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Whoville in E-ville Contest

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Announcing! The first annual Whoville Holiday Decorating contest, sponsored by Shear Class Salon and Day Spa. Who in Elberta will come up with the greatest house and lawn decor to brighten up our midwinter? Submit your $10 entrance fee to Shear Class. The Overall Best Decor winner gets the whole kitty (and by kitty I mean money). The Best “Grinch/WhoVille” decoration gets a $50 gift certificate from Shear Class! Come on, everybody, and let’s give Ken and Lois Holmes a run for their money. I’m already voting for Fred McConnell.—Emily Votruba

“Do We Want to Remain a Village? I Think It’s Worth It”—Diane Jenks

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—DRAFT Minutes to Come—

November 20, 2014 • 7 PM

||| AUDIO |||


Midterm Election 2014! Wolves, Drugs, Fire

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UPDATE: View up-to the minute election results (as available) from the various Benzie townships here, and the final official Benzie County results page here.

UPDATE: From Aubrey Parker: “BENZIE COUNTY: We’re hoping to do LIVE election results again tonight like we brought you in 2013, but we need your help! All you need to do is go to your polling place at 8pm after the election has closed and get the final tallies. I can email you a link to a spreadsheet where you can input the numbers. So easy and super awesome to have LIVE data!” According to Parker, who spoke with County Clerk Dawn Olney, Benzie has added 207 registered voters since 2013. The breakdown is as follows: 58 in Almira, 11 in Benzonia, 13 in Blaine, -1 in Colfax, 12 in Crystal, 3 in Frankfort, 17 in Gilmore, 19 in Homestead, 40(!) in Inland, 11 Joyfield, -10 in Lake, 6 in Platte, 27 in Weldon. Thanks for those numbers, Aubrey.

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On November 4, Elbertians and Gilmoreans will have a chance to choose their governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, federal and state congressional reps and senators, school board member, county commissioner, supreme court, court of appeals and circuit court judges, and decide 4 ballot measures. The polls, at the old Elberta Library Building, 704 Frankfort Avenue, are open from 7 am to 8 pm tomorrow.

Please vote tomorrow! Examine the sample ballot below to prevent election booth jitters. The candidates for the four open Village council positions are pretty much shoe-ins, with no write-in applications filed, but there are a number of other local races and a few important state and local ballot issues: (1) a referendum on the wolf hunt act (2) a proposal granting the DNR the authority to designate a season for wolf and other game (3) a millage to specifically fund a county drug enforcement officer, a position eliminated under Sheriff Schendel to staff greater road patrol (4) yes or no to a Gilmore/Elberta fire protection millage, which according to the Village council will save the Village’s deficit-laden General Fund about $15K per year. Thank you to our volunteer election workers and Gilmore clerk Sharyn Bower for making democracy happen!

Front of 2014 ballot 5Back of 2014 ballot


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