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Elberta Summer Solstice Funraiser

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Elberta Summer Solstice Fundraising Party

Support the Elberta Solstice Festival by joining them January 28th at the Cabbage Shed for a night of music, food, and fun. Delicious food provided by the Cabbage Shed and Jim Barnes (Elberto’s Taqueria). 50-50 Raffle, Pool, Darts, Foosball and Cornhole throughout the night.  Live music with Jake Fysinge at 5:00pm and Alfredo Improvisational Quartet at 7:00pm.

Holiday Caroling

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A group of Villagers will meet at the Village Office this week at 6 pm on Wednesday, Winter Solstice, to go caroling throughout Elberta. All are welcome. Songsheets will be provided, so don’t worry if your lyrical knowledge is a bit rusty. Warm up your pipes and your spirits!


Elberta gnomes toodling away, as depicted by Jason Soderquist.

Coyote Crossing: November Council Meeting Reports

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By Emily Votruba

Regular Meeting, November 17, 2016

On the way to the regular council meeting, Linda Manville saw a coyote cross the road in front of her. The meeting was held at the Life Saving Station for the first time ever as far as anyone could remember. The room didn’t have a flag, so allegiance was pledged to an image of Old Glory brought up on someone’s phone.

A long pause was heard before the “second” on the approval of bills motion. Joyce Gatrell asked Ken Holmes if he had his hearing aid on. “Hah?” Ken said. Everyone laughed. Holly O’Dwyer said, “Ken hears better than most.”

The next quarterly meeting between Village officials and the Michigan Department of Treasury to check on the Village’s deficit elimination progress will take place